Friday, January 20, 2017

Brisbane Gallery and Museum

After GOMA we headed over to the old art gallery and the museum which is only a few steps away :) My main goal for going to the museum was to get some inspiration for ceramic making :) :)

One day I'd love to do a woodcut too :)

There's a story linked to this guy above - one night I was driving home and saw what I thought was a Bilby, just down from our place. At home, Ben told me Bilbies are super endangered and after a bit of googling I quickly learned that we also don't live in their habitat. I thought I'd gone crazy until more googling revealed a Bilby is basically a long eared Bandicoot (above) which are much more common! Still so cool to see a Bandicoot and actually learn the difference.  I might be a bad aussie here, in not having known the difference :P

Now this guy IS a Bilby and has been made extra famous around Easter when the shops stock a chocolate Bilby Easter bunny :) I think his long ears gives him the slight cuteness factor over the bandicoot but both are definitely adorable!

Brisbane museum - display

Brisbane museum - kangaroo skeleton

Tawny Frogmouth Owl! We went to our friends the other weekend and they had one in their tree :) Someone commented that they look like a cross between a kookaburra and an owl *nods*

Platypus and Echidna! I'ave ticked both these guys off my 'seen in the wild' list here and here

Brisbane museum - skeleton

Cowrie shells - the animal print of the water Kingdom :)

Sugar glider! Oh my gosh they are so cute, we got to rescue one from Ben's room a few months ago, at first we thought it was a mouse (so tiny!) but it was hoping around and then we saw it was trying to get elevation so it could glide! I wasn't aware that when they're not in flight mode you can't really see the excess skin that gives them their wing power, so I think it's okay we intially mistook it for a mouse!

More bilbies! I definitely have to make one of those guys out of clay! :) :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

GOMA turns 10

The gallery of modern art turned 10 and to celebrate they put on an amazing show with some big show stopping exhibits! It was also the most crowded I've ever seen it so I had to keep reminding myself that everyone was probably wishing it was a little less packed and wished that Ben and I would have stayed home that day :p As always I include the artist and title of each work in my Flickr tags, so just click on any photo you want to know more info about :)

GOMA - glass deer

It was my first time to see a Ron Mueck piece in person and wow! how amazing - awe smacked for sure!

To remember all the artists and titles I take a photo of the info following the photo of the artwork - makes life much easier! GOMA was pretty packed that you even needed to line up to read the info card!

GOMA - Fluro fur

This fur was amazing and even though my hair has definitely faded, I still felt like I fitted in :)

Everyone was doing it!

They even had a giant slide down the middle!

GOMA - elephant

A lot of the exhibitions had been in previous collections, including this installation where you can write a letter and leave it behind and you can also read those left behind by others :)

GOMA - brisbane

Afterwards we walked over to the museum to get inspiration for clay making!
I'll be doing a seperate post for all my museum photos :) :)