Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Garden Update

Time to give a little garden update!

The marigolds are still as pretty as ever, although I still haven't gotten around to eating them yet, they just look so pretty in the garden!

Crazy big zucchini! I actually didn't know what this was, I was thinking it was a zucchini because the plant had zucchini looking flowers but then I've only ever seen/bought dark green zucchini's before. I've been waiting for them to change colour but I think I should have picked them earlier because they have loads of seeds on the inside (still tasty!)and hey, the good thing about seeds is you can replant them - zucchini's forever!

Corn still going strong and all ready for Ben arrival back from the desert.

The cats are always so curious whenever I'm out there :)


My favourite things to eat from the garden have been the spinach greens and basil which I've been throwing into 80% of my dishes.  So fun to get to pick from the garden too!

Parsley and garlic chives! A few weeks ago I planted a bunch more coriander seeds (the first ones didn't sprout) but this time around I can see them popping up all over the garden now.  I'm super stoked as coriander is probably my favourite herb (sorry to the haters out there!).

What I imagined were zucchini flowers, although Ben's mum said cucumber and zucchini flowers look similar, hence the mega confusion about what was growing out there!

How flippin' cute is this baby watermelon? Unfortunately since taking this photo the watermelon plants aren't looking the healthiest - I'll try and give them some extra water.  I do remember Lowie saying they love water!

Snap peas!

Have no idea what this is, possibly also a zucchini but it turned green?!? Someone help me!! Lol

And a magical eggplant!

I've definitely fallen in love with having a veggie and herb garden and I hope I can continue to make it thrive!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Minimalism: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying

I wanted to share my new favourite topic - minimalism! I know it's one of those crazy buzz words at the moment and if you know me, I don't think you would ever call me a minimalist BUT I'm 100% digging its concept and how much of a (good!) affect it can have on your life!

I'm going to talk about Marie Kondo's book today, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying.  I believe it's up to its fourth million in sales (eep!) so good chance you've already read it or at least heard of it before.  Funny back story, my Mum mentioned she would like to read the book, so I've been keeping an eye out whilst thrifting and luckily enough, I found a copy for her.  I did sneakily read it before gifting it to her (consumed it within three days) and then a week later I found another copy too! I realise this is simply adding to my possessions but it's definitely bringing joy to my life right now, which is one of the fundamental aspect of the book - only keep those things that have a use or bring joy - simple!

The book talks about going through and handling every object in your home and deciding whether it has a use or sparks joy and to do this process in one go which Marie says, takes around 6 months.  She also talks about every home having a click point and that you'll know when your home has the perfect amount of items for it, with a place for every item to belong.  Being someone who loves Japan with all its quirks (and who isn't scared of the concept of saying hello to my home every time I enter it) I found this book fit me to a tee! I had read some reviews where people were a little weirded out by some of the book's attitudes to items and belongings but there are so many gems of wisdom scattered throughout the book I'm sure everyone could take away something positive from it!

One of my favourite activities in the book was to visualise how you wanted your home to look like and to be super specific about it.  For me it was about having a clean looking space, cleared floors, lots of white, bright spaces, less clutter, clear spaces devoted to my creativity, a pretty inspiring place to live - an air bnb I would want to stay at :P Marie talks about the lifestyle you want as being the final destination and tidying is just a tool to help you achieve that!

In the book Marie gives you permission to throw away/donate/sell those things you no longer need.  As someone who doesn't like to be wasteful this was a huge issue for me but I have noticed in the last fews months being much more mindful to what I buy and I can clearly see the magic in discarding.  

Her philosophy is that every item has a role to play in our life, some clothes might not need to be worn till they are threadbare but are there to teach us something else - perhaps the style wasn't for you and then simply thank the item, discard and learn from it :)  She also talks about how most of her clients don't regret discarding objects but if they do they can buy the item again with the intent to use the item this time around.  There was a section in the book that talked about what items to keep and to select items that you would love to see displayed in your favourite shop - isn't that a lovely thought!

There is so much more to the book, Marie's journey (cute imagery of her as a tidy kid!), practical tips as you work your way around your home and just important thoughts about living in the now not in the past or the future - which gets a big *highfive* from me

So have any of you guys read the book, are you digging minimalism, have you started the journey?

Hopefully I'll do a few more of these posts in the future as my journey keeps on going as I'v got so many thoughts swirling in my brain :)

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I'm still continuing the home beautification project and have ticked a few more things off the list :)

First up a simple stool/side table. It was nice to be able to start + finish a project in one day. My other stools have ending up taking huge amount of time (sawing and sanding, drilling and painting) but this guy above was super quick. I had all the timber on hand, my planner did the sanding element in five minutes, the timber was fairly soft so drilling was quick and I just did one layer of varnish to seal it :)

Oh and the reason for the stool, to prop up my new mirror I got whilst thrifting! I've been keeping my eye out for the perfect mirror and this almost fit the bill but wasn't quite full length. An easy solve though, I just need to prop it up a bit and step back - ta da!

Our local craft store was having a fabric sale so I picked up some ticking fabric to make pillows. I may be in the minority hear but I'd never heard of ticking fabric until I read Anna Spiro's home decorating book (which I blogged briefly over here). I also had no idea how to make a pillow case but I googled the dimensions online (1.1m makes two pillow cases!) and then just eyeballed the construction off another pillow case I already had.

And lucky last, I painted this old desk bright white! The most simple but also the most frustrating - I'm not a fan of painting furniture! So many coats, long waits and brush bristles getting left behind on the surface - arghh! Is painting furniture annoying for everyone? Maybe I'm doing it wrong or maybe I'm just too impatient! 

I ended up not varnishing this bench because 1) I was over it and 2) my desk has taken forever to cure so I thought eliminating the sealing stage would help my impatience :p Plus it really doesn't get much wear and tear (apart from little cat foot prints) so hopefully I made the right decision!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Peachy and Gremlin

I've been collecting a few photos of our kitty cats to put together in a blog post - who doesn't love cat photos!?! Okay probably a few people :p I love them though! He he

They definitely still have a brother/sister relationship but in the past few months, I definitely feel they have grown closer together. Jealousy wise, they seem pretty adjusted to living together harmoniously despite their odd rule of only one on the bed at a time although the cold weather has seen them break that - hurrah!  Wild Peachy also brings our the kitten nature in Gremlin which is always fun to see and honestly I think they would be sad without each other. I know I'd be super sad without their cuddly antics in my life!  The other day they were sleeping out in the sun and Gremlin made the bold move of walking over and sleeping right next to Peach, his paw touching her tail.  Peach has always been so open with her emotions but Gremlin holds them close to his chest so I think she has taught him that it's okay to put your heart out there!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Birthday Haul 2017

Oops, only a month late to show off my awesome gifts!!!

First up from my lovely cousin, rainbow fairy lights, a pretzel purse and shoe wings - which I have another photo to show in a second!

My cousin and her family also got me this amazing mermaid tail throw - so so good, I've been using it at night whilst watching tellie :)

The wings in action and an awesome cat space themed shirt from my middle bro which he got in Japan - making it even more special!

My oldest bro gave me this awesome book on dreams. The book is essentially a dictionary where you look up key words from your dreams - I have it right beside my bed to make sure I get those first waking insights :)

Ben's mum gifted me with these super cute owl earrings and anyone recognise the card? I really enjoyed learning about Margaret Keane and her story in Big Eyes :)

And lucky last an awesome haul from Ben which includes rainbow gloves, a sailor moon choker, stickers, a pin and a Shaun Tan book!

Shaun Tan is an Australian artist Ben and I both adore and this book is all his clay work which is so inspiring to both of us!

And my pin and cute succulent stickers Ben found - etsy was definitely his friend :) he he!
Big love for all of it!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Film Camera a Month - May

For May I chose to use my Canon 1000f film camera. 
 As I mentioned before, I was really looking forward to using a more reliable film camera for this month.

For my film I decided to use slide x-pro 200 by lomography. I then decided to go a step further and have it developed in normal colour settings aka having it cross processed. I also did my normal trick of over exposing in camera by two stops which honestly was this month's biggest downfall. If I use this slide film again, I will just shoot at normal exposure as a lot of the shots from this roll were way too washed out to even share :( In saying that I'm still super excited to share my favourites, which I do really love!!

The reds ended up being super bright which I think is so pretty :)
You may also recognise this shot from my insta :P

Don't think I explained the focus to Ben :P

Can you spy the corn! My bro visited and we opened one and I'd say it was 70% ready but he still gave it two thumbs up for taste wise :)