Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Toowong Cemetery

The other week Ben and I celebrated our 8th year of being together. We have this thing where we always round up our time together but now it's at a point where 8 years sounds like a long time in itself :) We thought about what we wanted to do, our first plan was to go horse riding along the beach. This might sound absurd to many (and to myself a few years ago) but since aiming to be vegan I found myself asking more ethical questions when confronted by a decision regarding animals and this one definitely seemed boarder line. The horse riding along the beach sounded super romantic but I was having a little internal conflict and wondering if maybe I'd simply be using an animal for my own pleasure. We live on a property with horses and our neighbour is this lovely young girl who rides her horse and there relationship is super sweet! This more relates to animals with jobs, even if it is in regards to romance :p My decision in the end was to go with the romance and I swung to the side of it not being an activity that was hurtful to the animal. Ben tried a few times to organise our horse riding before being told all there Clydesdales were out of action due to stone bruises they collected on the walk. Ben didn't make the weight class for the other horses and in the end I felt good that the universe made the decision for me on that one :) I know everyone will have a different perspective which is absolutely okay and I have no less respect for you if you love horse riding or advocate for people to do it, I'm just verbal spewing my own brain thoughts on this one :)

So that ramble brings us to plan B and the title of this post! We ended up having a Brisbane adventure and ticking off a major to-do list item, a visit to the Toowong Cemetery. I knew the cemetery was massive but I didn't quite comprehend, just how huge the property was. We found ourselves driving around most of it and stepping out of the car every so often to go explore, in the end it was a super fun day :)

Toowong Cemetery - broken arm

Toowong Cemetery - Margaret

Toowong Cemetery - sculpture

Toowong Cemetery - fallen cross

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Thrifty Sunday /22

Its been a while but I've got a few thrifted finds to show you guys today!

A pen to practice my hand lettering

An awesome vintage mug that ticks all the right cheesy boxes for me!

An album, which I haven't decided what to fill with (just yet).

Too many Astro boy stickers

A book - perfect for my year of blooms project!

Although not technically thrifted, I did buy Hetty off gumtree (Aussie secondhand marketplace) from the sweetest old lady!!

As lame as this sounds, Hetty and her amazing pink cuteness is definitely one of my favourite thing I own! 

AND the bag on the left has become my camera/everyday use bag and it's such a great size.

Vintage stickers!!

Totally showing my age but this soundtrack had way too many memories not to pick up for $1 and listen to in my car (which is still living that cd life!)

An evil eye pendant, currently hanging in my room, on a piece of pink fluro chord :)

I always see this book referenced so now I can happily reference it myself :)

A set of quote cards. 
 Every morning I pick a new one to display in my room - it's a nice little ritual :)

Lucky last - whenever I see Frankie mags for a reasonable price I stock up :)