Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Clay /8

I've been having fun making clay and trying to fill each kiln load so we can make the most of each firing
Below are my latest efforts :)

Not sure if you can really tell (hard to photograph that shiny gold) but the guys on the left are tiny cat heads and some clouds on the right :)

Spotted bunny

And his side profile

Bunnies, butterfly, onigiri and the opera house!

Tiny spoons

And our first experiments firing with glass! We tried putting some marbles (combo between smashed and whole) into the bottom of a bowl I made and I think it turned out really pretty! 

More experiments to come :)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Thrifty Sunday /18

 Another Thrifty Sunday for you guys

Cute story about these sunnies, the little op shop lady told me they would look good on me and I put them on for her and she was like "yes they do look good" he he!

This book by Anna Spiro is beyond beautiful, I read it as quickly as I could and I learnt so many amazing house design tips :)

You can never have too many glittery things!

My first ever gratitude journal and I think it's been helping a lot on those days you think "gosh nothing went right today"

Plastic tray to house my candles

Thrifty Sunday - pink flour sifter
Pink sifter and an interesting article Sarah posted on facebook about millennial pink!

Another Matilda the kangaroo mug

Pink knitting needles which are nice and fat to inspire me to make my chunky beanie I've been talking about for ages

And a pink throw, to prevent clay mess all over the floor

Is that too much pink?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Rag Rug Diy

So our rag bag was getting out of control. One day I went through the bag and cut up lots of Chux sized cleaning cloths (to use instead of paper towel) which I've even been re-washing and re-using if they are not too dirty - either making me awesome or crazy :p So even after cutting up the cloths there was still lots of old clothes and sheets left over. I did some googling and figured I could put together a pretty simple loom using nails and an unwanted white board I had lying around to help make a mat!

I first needed to cut everything into strips, I didn't measure I just estimated and ripped and cut!

The cats loved this rag pile and I almost considered donating it to them but realised if I did that they'd probably loose interest :p

I had lots of this black stretchy material and I wanted my rug to be on the darker side, so I used that as my length otherwise known as the warp. I also used this tutorial to tie my strips of fabric together as I went. You just want to make sure that wherever you have your fabrics joining together as a knot that the knot doesn't sit on an edge because you'll find it it sticking out on your finished rug.

The first stage is easy you just start at the top left nail and go up and down until you reach the bottom right nail and make another knot to secure it. You can see above a green band, I thought this would help make sure the rug didn't sink in when I got to weaving the middle - not sure if it helped or not?!? I also tacked the side pieces down (see those little golden dots) and I would definitely recommend doing that!  I also realised I'm saying top and bottom when all my photos show the loom on it's side but yes, please use your imagination there and flip the loom so it's standing tall!

Rag rug - handmade loom

The weaving process involved grabbing a strip of material, one at a time and weaving in and out of the black warp material whilst watching trashie tv.  When a strip of material came to an end I would simple grab another strip and tie it together using that same tutorial as above. I tried to think about colours and match the top and bottom, so I would do one block of colour which I then repeated at the other end - I may of over thought things! One other tip is to push each row up as you go to keep things nice and tight with no gaps.

You then literally pull all the top loops and all the bottom loops off their nails and hey presto a rag rug! Because I used a lot of stretchy knit fabrics it did shrink significantly once off the mat but since my loom was pretty big, it became the perfect bathroom mat size! We actually had a shop bought rag rug already but holy moly this handmade version is so so soft! I thought it was just me but I remember Ben saying if felt like cotton wool buds the first time he tested it out.

I've since put it through the washing machine and I'm happy to report it held up fine, it did take a while to dry but other than that it's a-okay!

One last thing, I did notice the mat wasn't 100% even on the sides, it's actually just the first blocks of blue that stick out - maybe due to being at the ends of the looms and/or possibly a thicker or stretchier fabric?!? I'm not too phased but perhaps you could stick with one type of fabric to overcome thing :)

After making this rug I still had soooo many rags left over so I decided to make a round mat, it's currently in production so I'll make sure to share when it's done!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Holga 135bc

Time to share some more film photos that have been sitting in my hard drive for FOR-EVER! I'm talking like two Halloweens ago or something crazy! I thought I'd put together all my show photos (ekka + aussie world) where I used my Holga135bc camera - a plastic fantastic beast which takes 35mm film. The colour photos were taken with 800 Lomography film and the black and white, also a Lomography brand - lady grey (400). I did a bunch of things like use flash, long exposures, double + triple exposures, so enjoy the madness!

Holga 135bc - Jake

Thursday, April 13, 2017

bought/gift/made /08

I really enjoy this little blog series it makes me appreciate the things in my life :)

First up in the bought category this coffee body scrub I bought from my local supermarket. It's Australian made (not sure it's available worldwide) but the thankyou brand is pretty amazing, they donate 100% of profits to help get sanitation services to people in need, with a desire to help end global poverty. They even include a tracker code on each product to see where you assigned funds go to!  

On a sidenote, I also see the crazy privilege in buying a product that is total luxury and my only defense is I'm trying hard to be super grateful and appreciative and trying to be more conscious everyday how I live life and spend my money (baby steps!)

Pottery tool holders
In the made category, I built Ben and I holders for our clay tools.  Previously the tools were just jumbled in a box but now we can see them all better :)

And to end on a super sweet note, Ben sent me this card whilst he was away at work and gave me the cutest little succulent washi tape when I saw him in real life - which was such an amazing reunion!

Succulent washi tape

Ben actually posted a picture on his Instagram which gave away his home coming, he thought I wouldn't check Instagram because I was working at a wedding and normally I don't but I just so happened to arrive to the 'getting ready' location a bit too early and had some time to kill! I rang Ben and he totally denied he was coming home but I was pretty excited the whole wedding thinking he might be at home when I got home :) :) So yup, he was - the give away being his car cover was off and the kitchen light was on and I remember turning it off before leaving for work, so I yelled out a tiny "don't scare me Ben" and then we had a super long tight hug!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Cyclone Debbie

The other week, Queensland (the state we live in) got hit by a cyclone (way up north) and we had the tail end of it down here. I was actually inside at the time, the power had gone out mid way through making a delicious Thai meal, so in my sadness, I grabbed a bag of burger rings, put on my head torch and stood on the verandah taking in the crazy storms. A few seconds later my neighbour knocked and asked if I just heard that massive noise - oops, must have been too into my burger rings :p We went out and checked and yup a tree had fallen on our roof. It looked pretty hectic at the time but in day light it seemed the tv dish on our roof saved the day, sitting just in the right spot to prevent any roof damage. 

 I took some photos to share :)

Our bedroom window does not normally look like that! 
The tree fell exactly above our bedroom

Cyclone Debbie - fallen tree

The day after, we had the SES (State Emergency Service)  come in super early and chainsaw the bulk of the tree so it no longer sat on our roof (super nice!)

The dish that saved the day!

Only half the tree fell (partly rotten inside) but it was still a crazy big clean up

The poor fence!

When Ben came home a few days later (yay Ben is home!) he chain sawed the remaining branches, fixed the fence and we stacked everything up nicely. I also got to keep some of the non-rotten branches for some future stools, which is a nice outcome to a sad event in my mind :)