Wednesday, November 23, 2016

bought/gift/made /05

A fun little trio of images to show you guys today.

First up in the gifted category, a bunch of nature goodies from Ben  :)

And in the bought and made category, a nut bag and seaglass mobile

I'm so glad I finally bought myself a nut bag after previously battling, using a chux, to make almond milk. To be honest 8/10 times I do buy almond milk but when I'm not feeling lazy, I make my own.  The method is really simple - soak a cup of almonds, blend up the drained (soaked) almonds and then strain and squeeze that pulpey goo through the bag. The almond "milk" remaining once strained through the bag is very almond-ey in flavour so for my taste, I add about 80% water. I also add some dates for sweetness and a good sprinkle of tapioca flour to thicken the mix up. Of course there are no preservatives so this (roughly) 1 litre of milk needs to be consumed within a few days and I'll freeze any that I won't have time to drink. breathes out.

Finally, the guy on the right is a seaglass mobile that I put together with some driftwood and gold thread and currently hangs happily in my room :)

I hope life is treating everyone nicely!


  1. Bookmarked! I've been wanting to make almond milk because it tend to get too pricey around here. Do you think it's ok to soak the almonds in warm/hot water to soften it faster? (I'm impatient haha).

    1. yup! that totally works. I have tried soaking the almonds over night in room temp water but I actually prefer, covering the almonds in boiling water and letting them sit for 3-4 hours. I've also done the boiling method in just a few hours too and they've been totally fine. I believe the point of soaking the almonds is to activate enzymes and also to make them soft enough to blend. As a nut I think they soften really quickly! I also after soaking them give them a quick rinse too :)

  2. Wow you make your own almond milk, that is impressive. And such pretty pictures too!

    Allie of ALLIENYC

    1. only sometimes! Lazy creature at heart here :P


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