Thursday, April 13, 2017

bought/gift/made /08

I really enjoy this little blog series it makes me appreciate the things in my life :)

First up in the bought category this coffee body scrub I bought from my local supermarket. It's Australian made (not sure it's available worldwide) but the thankyou brand is pretty amazing, they donate 100% of profits to help get sanitation services to people in need, with a desire to help end global poverty. They even include a tracker code on each product to see where you assigned funds go to!  

On a sidenote, I also see the crazy privilege in buying a product that is total luxury and my only defense is I'm trying hard to be super grateful and appreciative and trying to be more conscious everyday how I live life and spend my money (baby steps!)

Pottery tool holders
In the made category, I built Ben and I holders for our clay tools.  Previously the tools were just jumbled in a box but now we can see them all better :)

And to end on a super sweet note, Ben sent me this card whilst he was away at work and gave me the cutest little succulent washi tape when I saw him in real life - which was such an amazing reunion!

Succulent washi tape

Ben actually posted a picture on his Instagram which gave away his home coming, he thought I wouldn't check Instagram because I was working at a wedding and normally I don't but I just so happened to arrive to the 'getting ready' location a bit too early and had some time to kill! I rang Ben and he totally denied he was coming home but I was pretty excited the whole wedding thinking he might be at home when I got home :) :) So yup, he was - the give away being his car cover was off and the kitchen light was on and I remember turning it off before leaving for work, so I yelled out a tiny "don't scare me Ben" and then we had a super long tight hug!

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