Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I'm still continuing the home beautification project and have ticked a few more things off the list :)

First up a simple stool/side table. It was nice to be able to start + finish a project in one day. My other stools have ending up taking huge amount of time (sawing and sanding, drilling and painting) but this guy above was super quick. I had all the timber on hand, my planner did the sanding element in five minutes, the timber was fairly soft so drilling was quick and I just did one layer of varnish to seal it :)

Oh and the reason for the stool, to prop up my new mirror I got whilst thrifting! I've been keeping my eye out for the perfect mirror and this almost fit the bill but wasn't quite full length. An easy solve though, I just need to prop it up a bit and step back - ta da!

Our local craft store was having a fabric sale so I picked up some ticking fabric to make pillows. I may be in the minority hear but I'd never heard of ticking fabric until I read Anna Spiro's home decorating book (which I blogged briefly over here). I also had no idea how to make a pillow case but I googled the dimensions online (1.1m makes two pillow cases!) and then just eyeballed the construction off another pillow case I already had.

And lucky last, I painted this old desk bright white! The most simple but also the most frustrating - I'm not a fan of painting furniture! So many coats, long waits and brush bristles getting left behind on the surface - arghh! Is painting furniture annoying for everyone? Maybe I'm doing it wrong or maybe I'm just too impatient! 

I ended up not varnishing this bench because 1) I was over it and 2) my desk has taken forever to cure so I thought eliminating the sealing stage would help my impatience :p Plus it really doesn't get much wear and tear (apart from little cat foot prints) so hopefully I made the right decision!


  1. Loving the simplicity of the bench, and those pillow cases!

    1. It's nice to have something simple serving a purpose :) :) And the pillowcases I think have made our bedroom that little bit prettier!

  2. That bench and mirror combo is so nice! the wood colours look so nice with the white walls and floor.


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