Tuesday, July 4, 2017

bought/gift/made /10

I'm doing some big leaps and bounds with my way of thinking and I'm definitely trying to aim for quality over quantity, so with that said, I finally replaced my $2 shower cap (along with its tiny bits of flaking plastic) with this super beautiful shower cap below. I made sure I spent at least a month considering the purchase, saved up and now hopefully I can continue to appreciate/get value from :)

In the made category (a little cheating!) a freshly painted side table that holds my kombucha. You all know, I'm not a fan of painting furniture so I feel like the effort put in (cleaning/sanding/painting) requires credit here :)

And lucky last some flowers gifted from Ben :)


  1. Aww love those flowers! Also the shower cap might make it looks like you have dark, black hair pulled into a messy bun (or afro hair??) haha! it looks super fun :)

    1. Ben remarked that I could possibly even wear the shower cap outside, it's so trendy :) :)


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